Sunday, December 1, 2013

Being Hit by a Tumbleweed

Once upon a time, my childhood family and I relocated to El Paso, Texas.  It was an interesting transition from Atlanta, GA, heart of the South, to El Paso, Texas, heart of the dessert!  Lush green and colorful to beige, terra cotta and brown with a side of tan.  Once in a while, something would bloom and brighten things up immensely!  Among one of the many differences in South and West were the sand storms.  The wind would kick up (in a very big way) and the sand would blow hard enough to pit your skin.  Very powerful, intense and scary.  Along with the sand blowing around would be big ole' sticky, prickly tumbleweeds.  And they would just absolutely take you by surprise by blowing around in a manner that was in no obvious way going to interfere with your path ... and the next thing you know, you've been nailed by a tumbling tumbleweed!  The very same tumbleweed you just saw tumbling in the opposite direction with the speed of the rocket.  And as a side note, cleaning out the swimming pool after one of these big ole' storms was not any fun at all!  But having the pool rocked.  You do what you have to do ;-).

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 When Mr. Paul announced his intention to ride his scooter across the country (Savannah, GA to San Diego, CA) in the spring of 2012, he mentioned the route took him through Texas and into New Mexico.  When I told my sister about it,  she very excitedly reminded me to clue him in on the tumbleweed attacks.  Now my sister, Cyndie was pretty young when we lived in Texas, first grade maybe ... so the tumbleweeds were impressionable, wouldn't you say?  So I did give Paul a head's up about the tumbleweed attack: the stalking and faking out of their route, and the eventual slap upside the head when you least expect it! He filed the information (probably in the "never going to happen" category) and went on his scooter journey.  And, you guessed it, one night I got the call ... "I got hit by a tumbleweed!  I saw something out of the side of my helmet and before I knew it, a tumbleweed had hit me!"  Yep, sneaky little things ... attack out of NO WHERE!  He sounded some where in between completely humored and totally appalled! The audacity of that tumbleweed.  Yep, know exactly how he felt!

Well, you know life is so similar to tumbleweeds!  You are merrily going along a path, or think you are, and out of no where the path changes and the road rises up to hit in you in the head ... or you come to a dead end, or chicken little falls out of the sky .... whatever!  And those are the life changers, the events you remember, the things that make you say Hmmmmmm.  And they are usually things you had no idea were going to happen.  Things that "snuck" up on you, and out of the corner of your eye you caught a glimpse of something shimmering ... and before you knew it, you were nailed.
There have been some major tumbleweed connections this year that have been attention getters, life changers and wake up calls.  Not all of them have been pleasant, but ALL of them have been necessary for one reason or another.  And I am grateful for them all.

Prime example:
Recently, our friend Dan had a major motorcycle accident. Normal just stopped for he and his wife, Patti for a little bit.  It gave them time to rebuild their beautiful bond and their defenses together against the tumbleweeds.  The beauty that has come from that, and the miracle of his healing, has been a lesson for us all.  Wonderful and precious is life.  Do not abuse it!

Paul and I have been pelted by some tumbleweeds the past few years.  It has made us stronger, and it has forced our hands a couple of times.  It has given us pause, and we have had to rebuild our defenses and enrich our bond, too.  And not only with each other, but with our "tribe" members, ourselves and our faith.  Always, always renewing our faith.  It has been immeasurably valuable.  Oh yeah, and kind of hard, too.  But here we are, in another situation which gives us an opportunity to have a new adventure, and a fresh look at things as we enter into 2014.

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 So, in regards to the tumbleweed attacks, they make us stronger, keep us alert and aware, and remind us to count our beautiful blessings.  Oh yes, gratitude I have! Being thankful for adversity is a necessary evil unto those very blessings.  Those tumbleweeds knew what they were doing all along!

Blessings to you all,


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  1. Oh, Cheri, I've been hit by a few of life's tumbleweeds too! We should talk! So good to see you at breakfast this morning!!