Monday, November 25, 2013


That's a strange title, isn't it?
Well, it comes from a long time of reaching deep down inside and trying to find the strength, the belief, the commitment and etc.   

This weekend, the POWER I felt from the ocean was so intense, it just seems appropriate to be grateful for it.  For it's strength and commitment.  Paul and I went to the National Seashore at the Kennedy Space Center yesterday.  Or is it the Canaveral Space Center? Well, anyway, yesterday's weather was CRAZY.  It was only 64 degrees and the wind was blowing every bit as hard as it blows up in the mountains.  It was so intense it literally took your breath away.  Yet, I was drawn to get out of the safety of the little rental car and go stand in the middle of that intensity.  It was Amazing!  To be absolutely taken by the waves crashing into the shore line (honestly, there was no beach at that point) and feel the power that Mother Nature was mustering up was one of the most incredible emotions I can recall!  I felt like I had been recharged.  It was magnificent!
I really and truly felt empowered.  I really and truly needed that.  I am really and truly grateful for that visual and sensual reminder because I think we lose site and touch with our own power often.  And then we have to dig inside to figure out where it went, why it went and etc.  I was refueled and reinvigorated.  And let me say right now, it didn't take very long.  When something is coming at you with that amount of force, it's pretty easy to get your fill very quickly!
Did you read this amazing story yet?  Amazing Story This woman is finding her power, and her strength is being renewed by all kinds of strangers with the intensity of the sea.  It is heart warming and a beautiful story of human compassion and kindness.  And I hope this lady can educate some of the public on what is like to be in her shoes.  Because even if you have had a small taste of it, you can deflate and lose every bit of power and strength you ever had.  And it also doesn't take long!
Find your strength, your faith, your precious power.  Replenish it! It's the holidays, be thankful.  The hard part here is remembering to do it with grace!  The perfect collage!  And I personally can not do it alone.  I have to incorporate my spirituality, just for the record.
(As a side note* please forgive the inconsistencies in the postings here.  I am currently in Florida visiting my husband's folks and some precious friends, and sometimes Internet connection is also trying to find power. Ha!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!)
These are not photos from the crazy sea at the National Seashore.  No Way I was going to put my camera in that weather!  But these are, nevertheless, photos of the great Sea from our balcony!  Isn't she spectacular?  Oh my goodness! Amazing. So very much to say grace over.  What a wonderful weekend!
So, what did you do this weekend? 



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  1. Hooray! Sounds like you are plugged in to the Source- Phil 4:13 xoxo Jenn