Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Inspiration

In this very economically depressed area of the mountains, there are a HUGE amount of donors and "do gooders" that always help the sick, the weary, the abandoned, the elderly, and the folks who just need a hand.  Let me be clear when I say, these mountain folks are a proud bunch and they don't really go around looking for a hand out!  But on the other hand, when someone hears word that there might be a need, the "do gooders" are on it, and there is a huge bunch of help.  It's inspiring and a reminder do help when you can.  I mean, really, you never know when it really is the one thing that will make some one's day!
A year ago last fall we had a newcomer to the area.  She is the epitome of a ball of enthusiastic energy!  And she moved here from Houston/Charlotte looking for a slower, more pure way of life, just like the rest of us transplants did.  Victoria ended up renting a space from Tammy to create her wonderful hair salon ... From Beauty to Ashes, the name coming straight from the Bible to her head.  If you need a verse to get you through, Victoria has it!  She has been a delightful addition to our community and has repeatedly shown me humility, and reminded me to be humble and gracious, just by her own belief and convictions.  In September Victoria married her darling Billy, and they are just such a wonderful fairy tale story together, finally finding each other.  Billy has been in the circle of silent "do gooders" for years,  ... along with a lot of our friends and acquaintances.  It's always such a wonderful reminder of how humans should act, loving one another without judgment or expectations.

Victoria bid on this beautiful tree that was donated to the Canon Hospital by some wonderful people.  She kept telling us it was her tree and she was going to win it! She was right, by golly. 

A couple of wonderful ladies (who Victoria called her elves!) delivered it to her shop yesterday, put it up, and decorated right on the spot!  A cardinal tree.  And it is beautiful and glorious, just like Victoria.  Thanks for showing up, Victoria.  And for being such an inspiration to me and a bunch of others, and reminding me just through being who you are, how wonderful humanity really is.

I hope you all have a Victoria in your life!  Blessings to you all,


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  1. what an upper! I'll have to have you introduce me!